What are you doing to make sure the studio is safe during the COVID-19 crisis?
Let's talk about the elephant in the room right off the bat. Our priority is to keep our members as safe as possible during their Girl Fight workouts!  That's why we have strict policies in place to ensure superior health and safety standards that meet and exceed NYSDOH and CDC requirements.

I am a beginner. Is the program too advanced for me?
Not at all. The workouts can be adjusted on the spot to accommodate all fitness levels. Your instructor will provide you with modifications to ensure that you get the same level of challenge while working within your current abilities.  Our workout sizes are purposely limited to accommodate everyone's personalized needs.

I have been exercising for years. Is the program too basic for me?
Nope! The workouts can be adjusted on the spot to accommodate all fitness levels. Your instructor will provide you with advanced exercises to ensure that you get an added challenge for your current abilities. You may find that these workouts are just the change of pace your workout routine needs!  Our workout sizes are purposely limited to accommodate everyone's personalized needs.

There are lots of class choices. How do I pick the one that's right for me? Try them all! Seriously, though, your best approach would probably be to try a kickboxing class, since that offers the greatest variety, and then go from there.

Is this program appropriate for children?
Our Girl Fight workouts are primarily designed for adults. Although sometimes we find younger girls can participate successfully, the majority of them tend to feel more comfortable and follow along better in a program specifically designed for young people of their own age. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us

Do I need to sign up ahead to take a workout?
Yes, due to Girl Fight's popularity and our limited class sizes, workouts can often fill up quickly. In order to secure your spot in any class, we recommend that you sign up ahead of time using our online scheduling system here. If you do not register for a class, we cannot guarantee you will have a spot.  

Please note that any class participant or anyone who takes advantage of Girl Fight Fitness's services will be asked to electronically sign our Liability Agreement before their first workout.

What do I need to bring for my first workout?
Please come to class with clean athletic shoes to change into for the class (no outdoor shoes please -- this helps us keep the studio and equipment clean for you). Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring water to drink during exercise. If you sweat a lot, it might also be a good idea to bring a towel.

For the Girl Fight kickboxing classes, if you own boxing gloves, you can bring those too. If you do not own a pair of boxing gloves, no worries! We have gloves you can borrow for the workout until you're able to purchase gloves of your own. If you would like to purchase a pair, check the next question below for our recommendations.  

What boxing gloves do you recommend for class? Women have had success using many different types of gloves in our classes, including full boxing gloves and fingerless MMA-style gloves. For beginners, we usually recommend the full boxing gloves because they provide the most wrist support and hand protection. Here are the kinds we recommend that offer a good balance of durability for the price (click on the image to be directed to the Amazon product page).

How do I cancel my workout reservation?
Log into your account, click on the "Home" tab, and find the section labeled "Reservations in Upcoming Classes." If you need to cancel your reservation, click "cancel reservation" next to the class.

NOTE: All class cancellations must occur via the Online Scheduler. Girl Fight will not accept cancellations made via phone or email.  

What is your workout cancellation policy?
To ensure ample time for people to get into the workouts they want to take, and to make sure people are committed to taking class once they sign up, you have up until 8 hours before the class start time to cancel your reservation online without penalty. Workout cancellations cannot be accepted via phone or email and must be performed using the Online Scheduler.

After 8 hours before class, you will be marked as a Late Cancel or No Show. The following penalty will take place:  

  • If you have an UNLIMITED monthly enrollment, a $10 No-Show fee will be charged to your credit card on file.  
  • If you have a LIMITED-VISIT enrollment (i.e. 12 classes per billing period or 20-class package), your visit will still be deducted from your balance as though you had attended.
  • If you have a fixed-term enrollment (i.e. 6-month pass), two (2) days will be removed from the end of the pass.
  • Important - if you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to someone who may have an infectious disease (i.e. COVID-19) that could be transmitted to others, please contact us and we will waive the No-Show fee. We would rather you err on the side of caution and will not penalize you for being responsible and respectful of others' health and safety.
  • Note - there are no No-Show fees for online-only classes.

I heard you have a customer loyalty price lock. How does that work?
We realize that too many gyms give discounts to the NEW members and don't give back to the customers that have proven amazing loyalty and support. As a result, we want to reward you for your loyalty and for being an awesome part of our Girl Fight Community! 

As long as you keep your enrollment active, your rate is protected against any potential future price increases.

Retaining your price is based on maintaining a continuous enrollment; if you cancel or pause your enrollment (unless for a medical reason), you forfeit your loyalty savings. Loyalty savings cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.  Contact us for more details!

How do I change or cancel my enrollment?
We make our enrollment change policy super simple.  

Here are our change/cancellation policies based on your enrollment type:  

  • Month-to-Month: 28 days' written notice before your next billing date. If notice is given with less than 28 days' notice before your next billing date, your next bill will still go through as normal (and your enrollment will be active for an additional period). After that time, your enrollment change will take effect. 
  • 12-Month Membership Commitment: Due to the savings and/or incentives given to you for locking in a 12-month commitment, we require 28 days' written notice before your next billing date AND an early termination fee equivalent to the difference between your billing rate and our standard, non-contract billing rate, for all billing periods beginning from your membership start date to your date of cancellation.
  • Paid-In-Full, Fixed-Term Enrollment (i.e. 6 Months, 12 Months): Due to the savings and/or incentives given to you for locking in for a fixed enrollment term, no changes, pauses, extensions, or early cancellations are permitted.  

NOTE: Any cancellations or lapses (not for medical reasons) will result in the forfeiture of any customer loyalty discounts.  Please see below for our policies regarding medical pauses.

To proceed with cancelling your enrollment, click here to complete the Cancellation Request form.

What if I need to pause my enrollment (non-medical reasons; for medical reasons, see below)?
We do not offer non-medical pauses for month-to-month enrollments. However, for 12-month contracts with recurring billing ONLY, we allow one (1) single non-medical pause (vacations, etc.) of up to 30 days per year. This pause must be done at once; you cannot "roll" unused days into a second pause -- the limit is one pause per year of up to 30 days.

Pause requests must be made in writing, emailed to, at least 72 hours before your requested pause date.

Please note that pauses cannot be applied retroactively; we can only apply them from the date of written notification and forward.

What if I need to take some medical leave?
We understand that things happen (long-term injury or illness) and we are committed to work with you around any medical challenges while you're a part of the Girl Fight community. If you are committed to continue working out with us once physically able again, we offer FREE medical pauses on your enrollment, following all guidelines below.

Please note that pauses cannot be applied retroactively; we can only apply them from the date of written notification and forward.

Medical Pause Notification Timeframe

We will grant free medical pauses, with no forfeiture of your locked-in enrollment rate, for any medically-related illness or injury that will prevent you from participating in fitness activities for at least 10 days and up to 60 days without a doctor's note (this does not apply to vacations or work travel; we have online live and recorded workouts to stay on track while you are away). If the pause is needed for more than 60 days, or an extension is needed past the initial 60 days, we need a doctor's note confirming the timeframe in order to grant the request.

How to Request a Medical Pause

Please note that we need at least 48 hours notice to put the medical pause into effect. While our turnaround times are often sooner than that, we need to plan sufficient time to respond to the request. Requests must be submitted via email to We cannot process any requests submitted via text or phone call; they must be in writing via email for our records. Note: if your next bill occurs less than 48 hours before the time of request, there is a chance we will not be able to stop the bill before it is processed. However, your enrollment will be frozen in place after the bill is processed and you will not lose time on your enrollment period.

Important Notes Regarding Medical Pauses

We are agreeing to save your class spot and locked-in pricing -- at no expense to you -- on the condition that, if/when medically able, you intend to return to Girl Fight Fitness when you're well again (that's why we offer these pauses at no additional charge).

If, after your medical pause period, you find you are MEDICALLY UNABLE to continue working out at Girl Fight Fitness permanently, please send a doctor's note confirming this to and we will terminate your enrollment. Please note that we need at least 48 hours' notice before your next bill; otherwise we cannot guarantee we can stop the bill in time.

If, after your medical pause period, you find you CAN physically/medically continue workouts at Girl Fight Fitness, but choose not to do so for other non-medical reasons, you are still financially responsible for your final billing period of enrollment with us per our 28-days-notice cancellation policy (measured from the time your pause would restart). We had planned for your return and saved your spot (and locked-in pricing) during the length of your pause; once we understand that you are not returning, we need sufficient time to adapt to your permanent departure.

Please also note that, if you need more time to recover and do plan on returning eventually, you can apply for an extension of your medical pause per the instructions above.

What happens if my enrollment payment is declined?
We rely on timely enrollment payments per our enrollment agreement in order to ensure that we can continue to provide the workouts that you love.  

If a membership payment is declined, your account will be locked immediately:

  • Your existing workout reservations will be cancelled.
  • You will be unable to make future workout reservations.
  • You will not be admitted to any Girl Fight workout until your declined payment is resolved.

You will receive an email notification of the declined payment via email and text. You will have 24 hours to reconcile the payment with us to restore your account to good standing.

If it is not reconciled within 24 hours:  

  • The enrollment is terminated and any price-lock guarantees are lost. 
  • Our billing processor will be notified that the account is in default.
  • The declined payment must be reconciled in order to reactivate the account.