Our trainers are both fun and highly-qualified. They specialize in giving you not only an effective workout, but a safe one too. Girl Fight has a stringent set of requirements to ensure that only the best trainers in the area are taking care of our members.



Amanda's journey in fitness began after college, when she had gained the Freshman 15 (and then some!) and decided to make a healthy lifestyle change. She is an Elite Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association and holds multiple specializations.

In addition, Amanda is schooled in Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga, a devastating martial art used for self defense and hand-to-hand combat. She is a published author and summarizes her philosophy on nutrition in The 80/20 Plan. Amanda has also completed an Ironman endurance triathlon, consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run -- all in one day! She combines all of these skills to create fun, fast, and effective workouts.



Brittany has been active in health and fitness since college, where she started teaching kickboxing classes. Her passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle has only grown from there. Brittany works full-time as an English teacher and enjoys spending time with her wife, Girl Fight Owner Amanda Gonzalez-Barone, and her two furbabies, Bradley the dog and Oscar the cat.  



After two kids and several years of creeping weight gain, Jeanna decided she needed to make a change. She made fitness her focus and found that it changed her life. Staying active and healthy helped her lose over 40 pounds. But, more importantly, it made her confident, happy, and goal-oriented. She had become a better wife, better mother, better version of herself -- and she decided that she needed to share this amazing change with others! Jeanna has been working as a fitness instructor for three years and has certifications in group fitness and kickboxing. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has run several marathons and one 33-mile ultramarathon. Some of her greatest achievements, though, lie in seeing others become the best that they can be!



Corryn decided to become a trainer after realizing that she loved kickboxing at Girl Fight and wanted to help others work on their health and fitness. Living a life of moderation is Corryn's motto and she loves to find new ways to exercise and cook healthier meals. After losing over 70 pounds, Corryn dedicates her time to supporting others to reach their goals and in finding time for self care! Exercise has become an important stress outlet for Corryn and has made her more comfortable in her skin. Kickboxing gave Corryn a sense of control and empowerment in her life and she wants to share that feeling with women of all backgrounds! Corryn is certified in Group Fitness and Kickboxing. When Corryn is not working at Girl Fight, she enjoys yoga and going for long walks.



Marie has over 20 years of experience teaching kickboxing and boxing all around the Capital Region. She has a diverse training background in several styles of Martial Arts, including Karate, Krav Maga, and Muay Thai. In her spare time, Marie enjoys running obstacle races, attending country concerts, and hosting parties with mad-crazy games of Pictionary. On top of her Martial Arts training, she's been in the legal field for over 20 years.



Gabby is a certified NASM personal trainer with a Bachelor's Degree in Fitness and Wellness Leadership. Fun fact: she has a love for sloths like no other! Gabby has always had a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle -- while still having fun!  



Christine loves kickboxing because she believes working out should be both challenging AND fun! Kickboxing helped Christine lose weight, gain strength, and have more stamina. She wanted to become a Girl Fight trainer to help empower and motivate women to meet their fitness goals. Christine has experience coaching track & field, and works full time in fundraising. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, ballroom dancing, and cooking. 



Sami has been a NASM-certified Personal Trainer for 5 years and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fitness, Exercise, and Nutrition. She has a love for helping others live their best healthy life: mind, body, and soul. In her spare time, Sami, enjoys spending time with her two huskies and hiking the Adirondacks.  



Tori is currently a student of exercise science dedicated to all things health and fitness. She believes living a healthy lifestyle encompasses a long term commitment to functional movement and training. Her main goal is to help individuals find physical activities they can have fun with and continue to do throughout their lifetime. She thoroughly enjoys the environment created at Girl Fight Fitness and hopes to bring new challenges to every class. When not at work, Tori spends her time either in the kitchen or the art studio. Among her favorite things are a blank canvas, a good meal with friends, and her puppy Amici.  



Nikki is a Personal Trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and was hooked on Girl Fight Fitness after just one class! She loves the energy that the ladies bring and fully believes in everything Girl Fight stands for! Nikki has always struggled with her weight. She grew up in a family who had absolutely no knowledge of health or fitness and how important it is for maintaining a happy and productive lifestyle. She has dropped 50 lbs on three separate occasions during her life, following major milestones like leaving the nest and having each of her children. She was motivated to be a healthy mom to make her children proud and be a role model for them! With a passion for helping people learn about nutrition and exercise, Nikki decided to become a Personal Trainer and help people overcome whatever roadblocks they might be presented in their lives. Nikki is also a Lifeguard with the American Red Cross and a Swim Instructor certified through the YMCA. She has coached classes such as Ninja warrior, Tumbling Tots and Preschool Gymnastics. Fun Fact: Nikki has played on a Roller Derby team and completely fell in love with the family aspect of a team sport (she never played ANY sport growing up).



Brandi’s journey into fitness instruction began with a Zumba class and a Groupon. After a few Zumba classes, she learned that Zumba instructors could hold fundraisers to benefit local charities and she was sold on becoming an instructor. She wanted to help a local pit bull rescue and education group, Out of the Pits, Inc., and have fun while helping others get fit. She holds a Zumba-based fundraiser for them each year!

Brandi holds an AFAA certification in Group Exercise and is a licensed Zumba Toning instructor. Brandi also has been licensed to teach Core De Force and R.I.P.P.E.D. She thoroughly enjoys helping women become strong physically while empowering them mentally in their workouts -- and particularly enjoys kickboxing and HIIT workouts because they encourage positive changes in both those things.

Brandi started taking classes at Girl Fight as a member first. She discovered a love of using the punching bag for working out and found that the students and instructors were very welcoming. It wasn't long before she decided she wanted to teach at Girl Fight as well! Brandi is a stickler for form and is always pushing herself and her students to practice better form in their workouts for maximum benefit. Her motto: "You don’t have to kill yourself to get a good workout!" Sometimes slowing down forces the body to work harder.

Brandi works full-time in Information Security in Vulnerability Management, loves her two fur baby mutts, and enjoys helping however she can when it comes to animal welfare causes for pit bulls.



Amber found a love of running after successfully completing her first half-marathon at the Saratoga Palio. On a mission to achieve higher performance levels, she has since trained and ran in multiple 5Ks, 8Ks, and Half-Marathons. She believes it’s important to know how to properly hydrate, fuel, and prepare for a race. As a running coach at Girl Fight, she wants to help YOU achieve your own personal running goals. Amber also works in marketing and enjoys traveling abroad. Fun Fact: She has been to Finland, Spain, Estonia, and the Netherlands. In her free time, she likes to create healthy recipes, learn new languages, and spend time with friends and family.