We firmly believe that your focus should be 100% on doing what you love -- teaching awesome classes! There is no commission and there are no sales responsibilities. You don't have to post excessively on social media, force relationships, or "fake" anything. We want you to have fun, be real, and focus on your passion for helping our members.


We offer highly competitive training rates with opportunities for regular raises as you grow with us and as you expand your expertise. We believe that, if we take awesome care of our trainers, YOU will take awesome care of our members. You don't have to worry about commissions, sales bonuses, or attendance numbers -- they won't affect your pay! Plus every trainer gets a FREE Girl Fight membership and qualifies for reimbursement funds towards your fitness certifications and continuing education each year.


We do not have a typical "gym" environment with un-invested, drop-in-style class participants. Our members are dedicated and form a tight-knit community that all of our trainers are a part of as well. You will be able to help people reach their goals, change their lives, and forge strong bonds that matter. In addition, our trainer team is second-to-none (we firmly believe we have the best trainers in the area) and we love to help each other, whether it's covering classes in an emergency, brainstorming ideas, or even becoming amazing friends.


We are a rapidly expanding local business, privately-owned, and there is always room for personal growth. Whether that means teaching more classes, taking on more responsibilities, presenting new ideas, or launching new programs, we want to help you expand your career!

As a part of our team, you'll always have opportunities to pick up additional hours via subbing and you will be the first notified when a new teaching time opens if you want to expand your training hours with us.


We provide paid on-the-job training for the first portion of employment. Training consists of four phases and progression to the next phase will be determined by the Training Instructor based on the performance of the Trainee:

  • Shadowing the Training Instructor: The Trainee will watch as the Instructor teaches classes. The Trainee and Instructor will meet at the end of the class to clarify any questions.
  • Co-Teaching with the Training Instructor: Both the Trainee and the Instructor will teach the class together.
  • Supervised Teaching: The Trainee will lead the class and the Training Instructor will observe. However, the Training Instructor may interrupt with corrections as needed.
  • Shadowed Teaching: The Trainee will lead the class and the Training Instructor will observe silently. The Training Instructor will reserve any and all feedback for after the class during a private critique with the Trainee. Once Shadowed Teaching has been performed successfully, the Trainee can then begin teaching classes on their own.



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  • Contact us


  • Our SUB LIST is always open -- even if we don't have immediate teaching time slots, we're always looking to expand our sub team. Our existing team members (trainers and subs) will get first notice of any permanent class openings before we hire from the outside. Note: If you are applying as a sub ONLY, we require a current fitness certification and previous teaching experience is highly recommended.


Please read all qualifications thoroughly. Applications from those who have clearly not thoroughly read these requirements will be disregarded without a response.


The right candidate will have a passion for helping women of all ability levels, is able to take command of a class, and create a positive, supportive, and inclusive environment for women to maintain their health and fitness.


  • Current fitness certification in group exercise or personal training, or equivalent experience.
  • Currently has or is able to obtain CPR/AED certification.
  • Currently has or is able to obtain professional liability insurance.
  • 1+ years’ experience in fitness instruction preferred, or equivalent education and practical experience.


  • Proper knowledge of exercise form and technique, along with exercise substitutions for individuals with physical limitations.
  • Ability to demonstrate both low impact modifications and high impact/intensity modifications for various class participant levels.
  • Able to command a class of up to 10 individuals (or more) and react quickly in a fast-paced environment.
  • Present exercise corrections in a positive, encouraging, and inclusive way.
  • Maintain an upbeat atmosphere and create a supportive, welcoming environment for class participants.


  • Background in kickboxing or martial arts a plus, but willing to train the right individual.
  • Background in other related exercise formats, such as weight training, kettlebells, HIIT, etc.
  • Past experience in designing 45-minute group workouts, including proper warm-up and cool-down.


  • Create daily workouts and deliver them to class participants.
  • Take class attendance via our online member system.
  • Open/close studio as needed (based on class times).
  • Provide a positive and supportive experience for all members, including excellent communication and service.
  • Adhere to and enforce all studio policies, including specific rules pertaining to COVID-19 safety.
  • Maintain superior studio cleanliness (disinfect and put away equipment, clean spills, vacuum messes, empty trash, follow studio disinfection procedures between classes).
  • Communicate regularly with management to ensure optimum business operation and excellent customer experience.
  • Able to substitute classes for other instructors occasionally.
  • Important: No sales or social media responsibilities are required for this position. We want our instructors to focus on the thing that they love doing – teaching!


  • Pay per class is negotiable based on experience and qualifications.
  • We are a growing fitness business and there are lots of opportunities to take on more classes and responsibilities if desired.
  • Unlimited Girl Fight membership included.
  • Regular pay increases and bonuses based on performance.
  • Certification/continuing education reimbursement program to continue expanding your knowledge.
  • Fun team-building events, like lunches and BBQ's to celebrate and bond.


Submit this form to get the ball rolling. We will be in touch if you qualify to talk in more detail.

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